Revealing Ruby (Novella) (Bound and Determined) - Lavinia Kent

I previously reviewed Mastering the Marquess by Lavinia Kent, so I had a fair idea of what to expect in terms of how hot and heavy the story would get.

Madame Rouge runs a discreet, high-end brothel for customers of discerning tastes and needs.  She takes care of the women in her employ, and tolerates no mistreatment by her patrons.  One of the rules of the brothel is that as its proprietress, she is not on the menu, lest the power dynamic she holds is disrupted.  That doesn't mean Madame Rouge never has interest in the men who come calling at her establishment.  And Captain Derek Price definitely whets her appetite.

The attraction between the two is palpable, but Madame Rogue does not take customers.  However, maybe he's worth being herself with for once.

I will admit, in some ways Revealing Ruby was tamer than I expected.  Mastering the Marquess is full of longing and passionate kinky sex.  Revealing Ruby stays on the vanilla end of the spectrum, but is sensual and still heavy on the longing and naked romping.  Good connection to the larger shared setting, and if you like steamy historical atmosphere, Lavinia Kent does deliver.

I'm not sure if I think the dragon tattoo that Captain Price sports is quite as sexy as it's described.  I love dragons, but the image in my mind is perhaps a bit more comical than erotic.  The ending is not a happily-ever-after, but one of adults working with their obligations.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.