We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory

What happens to the surviving victims after the monsters have been thwarted?  Life in shambles, friends dead, and scars from an experience that no one would believe.  How do you go on knowing that the monsters are real?

Dr. Jan Sayer seeks out the survivors for reasons of her own.  Stan, once a minor celebrity after his rescue from cannibals, now a maimed old man treated as a nuisance.  Harrison's experiences in Dunnsmouth were immortalized in books about a child monster killer.  Barbara is haunted by a message literally etched on to her bones.  Martin only ever views the world through his sunglasses, a filtered augmented reality.  Greta's entire body is a canvas of symbols carved into her skin.

There is something almost painfully intimate about this story.  We're learning about these deeply damaged individuals not through their life or as they surmount challenges, but largely through a series of group therapy sessions.  The story is told through their fears and obsessions, rather than their actions.

What happens after your survive the monsters and the attention fades away.  Can you resume your life?  And have you really escaped?

Captivating read, my only complaint is the brevity made me wanting more.


Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition

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