Liesmith: Book 1 of The Wyrd - Alis Franklin

Working low-level IT support is far from a glamorous job, no matter how prestigious the company.  But it's a job that pays well, offers regular hours, doesn't require much navigation of social niceties, and allows Sigmund the time to enjoy the games that he loves.  What he doesn't expect is the chain of events set off when he fails to recognize the company CEO and shows him the Norse-inspired game he's been creating.  Then the the charming, witty, and incredibly cute Lain shows up as the new guy in IT, and of everyone there, he attaches himself to Sigmund.

Things start changing for Sigmund, and some of them good.  He's surprised at his attraction to Lain, and even more that it's returned.  But other changes are a bit weird.  Or perhaps it's more all "wyrd" as things start going down in an old god sort of way.

At first blush Liesmith strikes me as a queer YA (and Australian) spin on American Gods.  It really isn't.  The only real similarity is the borrowing from Norse lore, and the bringing of old gods into the modern world acting as mortals.  Sigmund is nothing like Shadow, beyond age, there is the nature of his relationship to Loki and how he is involved in the plans of the gods.  Liesmith also focuses on the nature of coming to terms with one's attraction, and the personal legends in Norse mythology.

Liesmith combines action, mythology, and complex relationships into a fresh story.  The main characters are technically within the "New Adult" age age-range, the read definitely feels YA.


Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.