Strange Magic - James Hunter

This book reads so much like it wants to be a Dresden Files novel, right down to some likely coincidental but marked parallels.  I flat out do not recommend this book to fans of the Dresden Files, it will likely disappoint.


The story itself goes for a gritty, contemporary Noir feeling.  Yancy Lazarus is a wizard on the outs (but not at war with) the wizardly powers to be.  He gets himself into all sorts of pain & trouble trying to solve a mystery, but fortunately wizards heal quickly and age slowly.  Also, he knows that magic is not always the answer... sometimes the answer is a revolver.  He absolutely loves his very distinctive blue car (though it is NOT a Beetle), and relies heavily on the protection provided by his long warded coat.  He defaults to sarcasm and wisecracks, especially when up against a monster out of his weight class.  Even various Star Wars references in regards to magic, but I suppose that's not uncommon.


As I said, lots of parallels.


Hunter did a great job with the monsters, and based on the teaser summary provided by the publisher I thought I would absolutely love this book.  I didn't, but I trudged through it in an effort to complete it.


This last bit is purely a nitpick:  It's magic.  Just fucking call it magic.


Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.