Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves - Barbara Foster
In the spirit of such classic female erotic adventurers as Anais Nin, Erica Jong and Toni Bentley, Barbara Foster shares the story of four women who meet to tell the lurid details of their worldly romantic encounters in Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves. From Istanbul, Buenos Aries, Israel and back to New York, featuring young women to women of a certain age, with threesomes and everything in between, these inter-connected tales of love and lust are sure to keep you rapidly turning the pages.


I was expecting a whole lot more from this one.  Even the intro made it sound like this would be a somewhat salacious collection of tales, stories of an intelligent, worldly woman's sexual adventures across the globe.  What I got felt a bit too grounded in the mundane, in the depression and weight of life, the cattiness between the women of the writing group.  The stories are solely told by Barbara, though perhaps more stories were shared off screen.  She tells us about her attraction to men she meets, of their attraction to her, and the basics of their assignations, but I would definitely say that calling the details "lurid" is a vast overstatement.  The book isn't bad, but in the context that it was presented, I found it boring and uninspiring.

I'd say what better describes this book is a woman owning and sharing her sexuality, and deepening her bond with the women she knows as she shares the stories of her explorations as they move through the tumultuous present days.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.