Becoming a Jett Girl - Meghan Quinn

Our narrator (at least for the first chapter ) works as a cocktail waitress in a strip bar, and has been for years without ever being allowed to work the stage.


I'mwondering if I should start keeping tally of the number of times she refers to the other waitresses as whores, because she's off to quite a start.


AndI get it that tall heels take skill to maneuver in. But honey, 3" heels aren't all that impressive.  Take it from a lady with tiny feet, my heels that aren't for work check in at about 4"+ and I acquired those without going for stupid high heels.  The 4" heel in as larger size isn't much, but my feet basically disappear.  Do it in crazy platforms or 6" heels and I'll buy it.  3" heels in a non tiny size is office heels for lots of ladies.