Becoming a Jett Girl - Meghan Quinn

Goldie works hard for the money, and she has to because she has a whole lot of debt thanks to Katrina and school loans.  She works at a strip club on Bourbon St as a waitress, but dreams of taking the stage.  Then a mysterious man makes her an offer that ultimately she cannot refuse, become a dancer at the secretive Lafayette Club and share the bed of only the equally secretive proprietor, Jett Colby.

So, apparently everyone loves this book.  I mean it has 4.21/5 stars on GoodReads with 416 ratings.  The reviews are raving.

I couldn't stand it.  The characters were abrasive, the dialog crude, the plot jarring, and the eroticism strained.

So, some of my issues.

The first chapter left me wondering if I should start keeping a tally of the times the female lead called the women she worked with whores (and why is she calling them that as an insult when prostitution is how she makes ends meet?).

Goldie has a lot of debt, and I get it, student loans suck.  Epically.  But you know what you do if you aren't making income?  You call your loan holder and look into options (as someone with a lot of student debt this is something I'm very familiar with), the amount she's taking home her payments under an IBR would be next to nothing.

Moving on from that, if you're want to work the stage at a strip club, and the manager has denied this to you for nine years... you aren't going to get on the stage at that club.  A quick search via Google Maps (oh, the things I do to my search history for reviews) shows a good 10 strip clubs within a few blocks of each other on or around Bourbon St - so finding a new club to work at shouldn't be a challenge (especially with her supposedly killer moves and body):

The idea behind the Lafayette is great - Jett is going to use his ridiculous fortune to rescue girls off the street (be it abusive strip clubs or the street corner itself).  In fact, he founded it after his mother passed away, sort of in her memory, which I try not to think about too much considering it's a high-end gentlemen's club and all the dancers are his exclusive harem.  Then of course comes the fact that he's "rescuing" these girls from prostitution... to be exclusively his bed partner as repayment for the opportunity he provides for them to better themselves.

I'm not going to spoil what convinces Goldie to take the offer, but we'll leave it as problematic.  We'll leave it as for multiple reasons she was rightfully creeped out and disinclined to take the offer.

Of course, everyone wants a piece of Goldie, who apparently screws like a succubus and seduces like Aphrodite.  There's not really any chemistry between her and any of the main warring interests.  Just obsessive infatuation and lust masquerading as feelings.  Actually, there might be some decent chemistry between her and Kace, but he's pretty much sidelined.

There is a lot of lust and sex, so if you're looking for that you won't be disappointed.  I found the quality of it all to be questionable, but obviously lots of other readers loved it.

If you decide to give this book a shot and like it, Becoming a Jett Girl is the first in a trilogy.