The Do It List (Book One 1) - Jillian Stone

*NOTE* I'm not 100% sure if this book is "The Do It List" or "The To Do It List" - Netgalley seems a little confused.


Gracie Taylor-Scott is a blistering talent in the advertising field, throwing her life into her work and helping raise her young niece while her widowed brother-in-law works late shifts in the emergency room.  It doesn't leave much time for a personal life or dating, but that works just fine for her, a nice shield between her, intimacy, and emotional scars.

Then she ends up trapped in an elevator with the gorgeous company transfer Bradley Craig during a power-outage on their way to an after-hours work party.  Trapping in a dark box raises some fears and opens some chinks in her personal armor, and some serious sparks fly.

What started out as a fear-fueled fondle opens the door to satisfying their own "do it" lists, erotic encounters with no strings attached.  But is it just chemistry between them, or something more?  And can they find the right balance to stay on top of their professional game while dealing with their emotional pasts?

The Do It List is a contemporary romance that gets all sorts of hot and heavy, with some intense emotional honesty.

In some ways I'm definitely the wrong audience for this book.  There's so much attention paid to high end and expensive fashion that literally means nothing to me.  The amount of cash the characters drop on clothing and accessories is literally mind-boggling to me.  I suppose historical romance often has equivalent amounts spent - but not in such familiar or identifiable amounts of currency.  They're not so rich that expense is no objection, but they definitely pull in a salary that's beyond my conception.

Bradley is made up to really be an ideal guy.  Potential family man, good with kids, protective, adoring, and finds Gracie sexy no matter what or when.  He's adventurous, patient, understanding, focused on her pleasure, and ever ready.  He even volunteers to buy tampons for her.  There's a period sex scene that you'll either love for Bradley's unlimited affection and attraction to Gracie, or be squicked out by period cunnilingus.

The Do It List also deals with college/fraternity rape with surprisingly, and depressing, frankness.  The encounter is something in the past, and relayed through a retelling memory, rather than as a violent present.  The emotional trauma and scarring is realistic, as is the sheltering that often happens when the assaults are perpetuated by the wealthy or happen within the grounds of a campus or organization.


Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.