So I was notified by the publisher about a book I've been all sorts of excited about was now available for review (and that they're looking for reviewers).  So I replied back saying I'd love to, and they asked me if I wanted an ebook or if I needed a physical copy.  I replied saying I could do either easily, with a preference for print, and gave them my netgalley info as well as my mailing address.  Two weeks ago.  I haven't heard anything, the book is now out (but not available in any of the libraries in my consortium), the galley is off of NetGalley.  It's possible a physical copy is in the mail, but I have no clue.  No NetGalley invitation widget was provided, and my request is still pending.  On the bright side, I was able to find a copy on the other half of the state and was able to request through the state's Virtual Catalog system that supports sharing between the different consortia.