The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne

First chapter and we already know the villain is not only the type to rape a female prisoner as a form of torture, but does so because he likes it. And likes having an audience (of both other chained up prisoners in the same cell as well as the guards) while doing so.



Yes, I get it.  Rape is honestly generally a very effective way of breaking someone, particularly a lone female (who's kept in the same cell as a bunch of men?) who you know has state secrets.  But something about how the passage was written just... meh


Hopefully the book improves rapidly or i'm lemming it.  Haven't been the happiest with this bookclub's picks lately, hoping those improve as well, though watching their discussion videos are pretty hilarious.


Also, I'm pretty sure that the man on the book cover has a second six pack instead of pectorals.