Taming a Highland Devil - Kimberly Killion

This book is a raunchy delight to read.


It is quite silly in its own way, something that (in my opinion) is indicated when it starts with a dedication to Gerald Butler as inspiration material.  So, it sort of presents itself as a short story out of someone's spank bank starring Mr. Butler in a kilt. 


Actually, mostly out of a kilt to be utterly honest.  The book starts with Laird Magnus Sutherland enjoying a threesome with two maids... until his mother starts pounding on the door yelling at "Maggie" to stop screwing around with the maids and come meet his betrothed.


Magnus actually has some romantic dreams, hoping for a wife who's intelligent and affectionate in bed, rather than someone to sire children on when he's not gallivanting with a mistress or two.  And he's not so keen on the war that his brother-in-law to be wants his alliance in.  So he's rather delighted to find that there are two sisters, and since which wasn't indicated in their negotiations, he has a chance to chose between the two rather just taking the sister being handed to him.


When it comes down to it, Magnus is not so good about thinking with his brain and not his dick when there's a naked lady in the room.  But fortunately for him those with less honorable intent are similarly hindered with keeping priorities straight.