Salt - Adam Roberts

Not sure how I feel about this book. 


Selected it as a book club pick on strength of its reviews, including favorable comparison to le guin




it's very poetic.   And a bit bombastic.  There's a lot of humble bragging by the narrators.The change from one to two narrators threw me off, and I'm not 100% sure which is which.



Author is pretty clearly against anarchists, as well as totalitarianism.  The anarchists are literally athiestic unwashed masses.  There's also this whole child custody plot going on.  It seems the anarchist group feels that it's 100% up to the woman to decide if she wants to use both control or not, and is the full and sole custodial parent of any child that may result.  The men from other ships feel that these unexpected children have been kidnapped from them.  Looks like they may be planning a raid to claim the children.


Going to keep going and try to do a decent review and discussion guide.


Yet to have any clue as to why someone would consider it akin to LeGuin's work