Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 1) - Elle Casey

On first glance, May is the type of girly-girl who you'd expect to be a ditz.  Which means she sticks out like a sore thumb when she walks into a dive bar frequented by biker gangs, all dolled up in pink with her chihuahua-mix in her purse.  Of course, first glance leaves out the fact that she's been running her own business for years and is the rock her older sister relies upon as a single mother with three kids.  Which ultimately is what brings her to Frankie's, and into Ozzie's life, after she mis-attributes a wrong number text.

First impressions aren't so great between May and Ozzie. For one thing, he's sporting a beard that puts May in mind of a "duck dynasty nut job."  For another, someone's shooting at them as he knocks her down and half drags her out of the bar.   Now Ozzie's cover is blown, and May's been implicated as an accomplice and is at risk.  What starts out as an offer of protection turns into an offer of employment... and maybe something more.

I'm going to start this by saying that I'd totally read more in this series.  It's a light read, with a great touch or humor, and a fun romance.  Not saying that everything makes sense to me, like saying they love each other at rather early stage of their intimate relation, but some of that is really a personal preference thing.  I mean, the whole dogs-in-purse thing just leaves me puzzled more than anything, and now I'm going to start wondering how many of those dogs are on puppy pads inside said purses.  But we get actual consideration of the fact that the characters are working adults who have other relationships and responsibilities in their life, something that often gets no more than a casual nod at best, and the dogs are kind of adorable.

Also, as someone who's really not a fan of facial hair, the whole beard thing had me laughing again and again.

"Listen, Ozzie, I'm sorry for the horrible beard comments. It was just... way bigger than a beard has a right to be. I couldn't help myself."

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Image Comics via NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.

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