I'm the moderator for a panel on Disability in SF/F at Arisia next month, and I figure I should farm out ideas for books I should read over the next few weeks.


Ideally these are not "cure" stories, and I'm willing to go wide on the subject.  Preference for Science Fiction over Fantasy


To Read:

Wake / Robert J Sawyer

Accessing the Future (anthology)


Some books on my current read list include:
The Speed of Dark - Elizabeth Moon (autism)
Hammered/Scardown/Worldwired - Elizabeth Bear (ptsd, amputations, prosthesis, voluntary amputations for cybernetic upgrades, etc)
Lock-In - John Scalzi (active mind/intellect trapped inside a non-responsive body)
Nexus - Ramez Naam (brain augmentation, includes adaptation by non-neurotypical individuals)
The Broken Kingdoms - N. K. Jemisin (visual impairment)
Annihilation Score - Charles Stross (because being a mermaid out of water is not easy)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams (depression)

Wicked - Gregory McGuire (nessarose lacks arms)

Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin (dwarfism)

The Ship Who Sang - Anne McCaffrey (born with extreme physical disability, lives inside a steel capsule)

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (artificial eye, lycanthropy, squibs)



Other/mixed media


Evil Dead

Star Trek

Star Wars

Welcome to Night Vale