Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2 (The Worldbreaker Saga) - Kameron Hurley

The dark star Oma is on the rise, bringing splintered realities back into alignment while tearing the outliers apart.  The worlds must be reunited into a single reality, but crossing over is only possible when your analog is dead.  Invading empires crash into and over the existing nations, and their hope for salvation lies in the hands of a scullery maid and illegitimate ruler.  But at what cost, and who do you trust when the enemy has the face of those you love?

This sequel to The Mirror Empire gives no mercy to its readers, diving in immediately on the heels of a cataclysmic ending.  The plots twine around each other as the end of the world approaches and last hopes die.

Recommended for fans of Game of Thrones and The Emperor's Blades.  Intricate, unforgiving, and fascinating.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Angry Robot Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.

Source: http://libromancersapprentice.blogspot.com/2015/12/book-review-empire-ascendant.html