Where I can be found doing panels:


The rest of my schedule is a bit obfuscated, as I'll be working child care for most of it (plus... con parties maybe at night).


This also means that my LotR post will be late... I tried to finish it today, but it's a LONG one... I finished the book part, but only got started on the film.  Will aim to have it out on Monday.  It's a little frustrating, but there's pretty much no way I'll have time to finish it between now and then.  I have all the notes, but I need to do the polish.  Of course I'm sort of shooting myself in the foot on this one, since the recaps are actually one of the most regular source of blog hits for me.  meh


On the bright side, I'm seriously happy with the slideshow I put together for the panel I'm moderating.  I think it'll work well as a background support to the topic.