Driven - Kelley Armstrong
The pack is not known for its tolerance for mutts, and for good reason.  But sometimes the sins of the family are not universally shared, and when Davis Cain comes running scared to the pack for help they can't completely ignore his pleas.  After all, if something is successfully hunting werewolves, they need to know about it.  If it's a trap, well, that's what back up is for.

On top of this challenge, Malcolm's back.  He's sought out re-admittance to the pack, and Elena's making use of him.  He may be a monster, but now he's their monster.

I'm so happy that Armstrong is continuing the Otherworld stories, especially those of the pack.  Elena is what drew me into the series, and while I've come to enjoy the other leading ladies, they came as a jarring shock at first.

Driven is a great continuation of the story of the pack, and while it can be read without reading the other novellas, it definitely makes reference to events in the preceding two or three.

It's interesting to see how the pack has swelled over the years, after a low of a bare handful at the end of Bitten.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Subterranean Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.
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