Madly Ever After - Skottie Young

I Hate Fairyland is a piece of demented madcap genius.

Imagine the rage of Spider Jerusalem in the body of a six-year old girl on a maddening quest through fairyland for some 30 years... complete with magic mushrooms and added immortality (but minus the bowel disruptor).

As a young girl, Gert may have wistfully desired a visit to fairyland as she played with her toys, but that dream quickly turned to a nightmare as the ground literally opened beneath her and she was bodily thrown into a magical realm.  Terrified rather than delighted, the confused Gert was told getting home was a simple matter, she just needed to complete a little quest to find a key.  Nearly 30 years later, Gert is unchanged in body, seemingly no closer to finding the key to escape, and long past the end of her patience with anything to do with Fairyland.

And it turns out, enough wholesale slaughter will drive the Queen of Fairyland to seek out any opportunity to rid herself of Gert's menace.  Violent shenanigans ensue.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Image Comics in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.