Test Drive - Marie Harte

I figured "hey, I like cars, let's go with this one" from our new releases cart.


I have determined that I might know too much about shops and cars to read a romance novel that centers around mechanics.  Though I will agree that Caddies can be so frustrating to work on (for a big car there's often very little room to get at what you need to).


But... "Webster's Garage boasted a double set of bay doors and a roomy interior complete with a cement floor and red-and-brown brick walls."  First off, cement floor for a garage is pretty much standard, it's pretty much a waste to even bother mentioning it.  Secondly... a "roomy" garage with four working mechanics and only a double set of bay doors?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.


You need at least one bay per on duty mechanic (unless you've got some lubies/techs that divide work on a single car).  If there are more bays than mechanics, there's a good chance one mechanic is working on cars in more than one bay (while waiting for parts and such).


EDIT: Robbie did point out to me that there are ways that a large shop can have just 2 doors (with very large doors).  However... unless the descriptions go otherwise, it doesn't seem like that's the shop set up they have.