Test Drive - Marie Harte

First off, this shop needs a basic tech/lubie, and not just all A-tech mechanics.  Yes, on slow days everyone does whatever comes in, but there's usually at least one bitch bay for a reason.


Secondly, "After greasing up the front axle, he set the lift back down and drove the car outside." makes no sense, particularly as part of an oil change.  For those who are less familiar with cars, the axle's generally have grease as part of an internal assembly (so greasing would be part of a rebuild) or they have u-joints that you force grease into the joint via a fitting using a grease gun.


And yes.  I'll be doing this the whole book.


Unless it actually gets pretty hot.  Which would be nice, because what I'll refer to as the "lusty narrative longing" is more amusing than compelling.  If things stay this way while they get hot and heavy, there will be amused posts of a different kind.


EDIT: they do have a basic tech, he's just away visiting family.