Test Drive - Marie Harte

This book is the start of a new series but feels like the middle of one.  And it basically is.  There's a series of four books that seems to precede this one that deduction (b/c I'm too lazy to research it) seems to be about four brothers finding love, and one of them partners up with the woman who runs the shop this series focuses on.


OK, so clearly expecting anything regarding a professional auto shop to be remotely accurate was a folly on my part.  I can largely get by it by laughing hysterically and then reading the excerpts to my spouse to watch his brain hurt.


I'm also admittedly super picky when it comes to writing that's supposed to be sexy.  Most of it in this book was just... a little too, I don't know, some combination of earnest, simple, and in my face.  Out of all the sexy times, maybe one scene was sort of hot to me.  Over all, it didn't make my motor run if you know what I mean.


The ending?


Dude, she said some pretty god damn shitty things to him while she was drunk.  Maybe that's not always the most trustworthy of confessions, but he had legitimate reasons to 1. think he was being dumped and 2. keep his distance.  They basically just handwave the fact that she legitimately hurt him badly with what she said.


Also, the whole villain of the pieces (her sister's ex) honestly didn't even need to be in the story as anything more than a mentioned name.  The two attempts at sexual assault would be fine removed, and it's shitty writing if you use the first as the gateway for the first date between the love interests, and use a second one to facilitate their reconciliation.