I've been contributing to a feature on 5 Min Librarian called Spoiler's, Sweetie that attempts to provide reviews (with Spoilers) for award winning books for people who actually want the spoilers as part of Reader's Advisory and such.


It turns out there are a LOT of book awards (and we keep finding more).  Which means a LOT of books that need to be read... even if we don't do nominees.  Our awards list has some 250 books we need reviewed (though some are shared between awards) across different awards.


So... we're totally looking for more reviewers!


Join our Spoilers, Sweetie Team!

If you are interested in joining our Spoilers, Sweetie team, please fill out the form. You will get to choose what book you want to read and you'll have 4 weeks to read the book and submit the spoiler. It is that easy! Since we are giving everyone a month to submit, progress is slow. The more people participating, the more spoilers we can share! We especially need adult literature readers.


Our completed awards and their reviews can be found here: http://spoilers.5minlib.com/

Some more about Spoiler's Sweetie here: http://www.5minlib.com/2016/02/introducing-spoilers-sweetie.html