Content warning: blathering about Live Action Role Play and no explanation of jargon.


Holy crap guys, the LARP was amazing.  Amazing energy on the part of players and cast.


We also had nearly as many NPCs as PCs.  This was the inaugural game of this setting and we ended up with some 45 or so PCs and some 35 NPCs.  Also, 5 staff plus a few of the NPCs who were super experienced and basically staff.  Like we're looking ahead and going "we might need to actually limit the number of NPCs we take for next game" since Monster Camp is a limited space and we won't be able to force people to hangout on the lawn in January.


Slightly higher PC survival than we were hoping for, but there were various things that went wrong.  Fortunately it came across smooth to the players.


So many amazing moments.  I'm so happy knowing the PCs were terrified in the little escape room mod I built.  The setting was survival horror but we had so much amazing wackiness (and some of it caught on video), some planned and some unplanned.  My 'face' rolls (when not wrangling cast) were my "American Centurion" character - Jackie Ripper, brief appearances as a Gorgon, and some time spent as a "thrax" (something between a cenobite and a lust demon).


As Jackie my boffer was a super awesome full length one-hand "knife" and I ran around in a Dickie's nurse uniform from my first LARP.  I was paired up with "Lizzie Borden" for the fights, played by a very good friend of mine and fellow staffer.


The Gorgon stuff got modified, but the hat/wig came out boss.  I wore it around after game was called to much approval.  It was never meant to be a big thing, mostly a poke at the players and maybe make them question their morals.


My thrax, "Cherri" was probably the most ridiculous fun I've had.  There was nothing not over the top about them.  The one guy with us played "Spew" and made himself a fake mouth that involved teeth made of glow in the dark fake nails and was generally a creeper (with silly string to hit people with).  When we flat out murdered/sacrified a face NPC in front of them most of the players were like "well, OK, how are you doing?" ... except for the one who was flat out chaotic evil and well... let's just say it was hilarious for all the wrong reasons (unless you're a thrax, and they don't have the moral code you want to live by).

Otherwise I was in Monster Camp, out setting up mods, or a few times running them.  The final fight we were all mostly generic monsters as we chased them through the woods.  I went ghoul, but didn't fulfill my vision of eating freezer pops with the fake blood all over the place because I was too busy to go get some.  I did however have a lot of fun snarling at players and trying to kill them.  Only did Deathstrike to one player... after a PC shouted that they should just let the player they left behind get eaten... I mean, I really had to at that point.


SO LITTLE SLEEP.  I mean, I don't sleep well to begin with, but functioning as the NPC Coordinator in a game where 4 of the 5 of us have never run a boffer LARP before and seeing two dawns before a 3 hour nap (5:30am-8:30am) before clean up.  Running a little rough.


Next game is probably in 6 months and the ideas are bouncing around.


Also, I should probably try to sleep.