So, I'm always checking in to see if there are any books showing and usually there's at most 5.  Usually there are none, so I don't check in that often.


Checked in today, there were 6 PAGES of things needing attention (new, error reports, edits, etc).  As of now it's down to 5.


I'm flat out not touching the fan-fic stuff.  Author or story.  Sorry.  Nothing against fan-fic, but not dealing with that cataloging can of worms.


Pretty often I check out some edits, approve stuff, then go to the record itself and fix everything else that still needs to be addressed, so that's good.  What's not so good is when I approve something I don't mean to, and have to go and fix it.  Fortunately only done that a few times.


Also, there are a lot of users with MM as part of their username.  Unsurprisingly those are the ones who are doing a whole crapton of work with GLBT titles.