Knits for Nerds: 30 Projects: Science Fiction, Comic Books, Fantasy - Joan of Dark, Toni Carr

Very little in this book appealed to me as something I want to knit (or would want to if I had the high enough skill) regardless of fandom connections.  Some of the projects have direct and solid connections to a fandom, quite a few strike me as more tenuous in concept and application.


I'm seriously bothered by her "time traveler's scarf" pattern just by how much it doesn't match what it's intended to resemble.  Part of this is her color choices - based on the rest of the book I'm pretty sure she is not color blind, based on this one pattern, I actually was wondering if she was.  Also it's only 3" wide... and 10' long, which puts it all weirdly scaled.


 I will be attempting one pattern, which is an off-the shoulder, short sleeve, tunic sweater, because I like garments along those lines, not because a tenuous connection to something geeky I enjoy.