Discussion went crazy on a library group I'm part of regarding what do you do if an 11 year old wants to check out Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty (general consensus: do some gentle RA to make sure they realize it's not at all like the classic version of the fairy tale, and if they know that, its not our business to stop them for a slew of reasons).


Then this comment was made: "It is a very accurate description and the books are every bit as hard core as the 50 Shades Series. In some ways even more so. And I agree with what others are saying, I would advise that it isn't at all like the Sleeping Beauty from the Disney story and offer other alternatives. But if the reader is adamant then let them read them."


To which I replied: "I'd like to offer a gentle correction and say that the Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series is a bit more hard core and explicit than 50 Shades. It's like a more consensual and erotically charged Story of O.

The book is sold as erotica, not erotic romance, and there is a reason."


So the main thing here is I'm super amused at someone saying Sleeping Beauty is "every bit as hardcore" as 50 Shades.  But  someone down the line on a different comment thread felt that Story of O is more consensual than Sleeping Beauty.  Which got me thinking, which do people thing is more consensual/has better consent, The Story of O or The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty?