I've been working a primary job for a little over a year in a non-professional position as the Circulation Supervisor at a small library.  The job is part time, which has necessitated me picking up additional jobs (last year my main secondary job was a part-time sabbatical replacement Reference position at a private school).


Recently our cataloger left, and I've been agitating for more hours (full time if possible), to which my director responded favorably as feasible.  I brought up the possibility of taking on the cataloger duties, which would be a great excuse for bringing me up to full time hours.  I don't have extensive cataloging experience, but thanks to my MLS I have some training, and since it's 99% copy cataloging, my skill with computers means much of the job is easy for me to learn.


This week we had a few items that desperately needed to get out, and I offered to see what I could do... which turned into a slight audition and me spending most of this week so far doing cataloging.


Today I got confirmation that I'm getting the cataloging duties, and my hours will be increasing as of September (actual total hours and schedule TBD as we figure out how planned additional open hours are also determined).


~happy dance~