Interview With the Vampire - Anne Rice, Simon Vance

Whenever Louie talks about stuff he tends to use strong language, he hates Lestat, he desires Claudia... and while I'm pretty sure it's not a sexual desire, there's enough in there with the language choices that makes me distinctly uncomfortable.  Claudia "seduces" her victims.  As she's gotten older while it's stated pretty clearly that Louie hasn't had sex for a very long time (an act when pressed he seems to barely remember, describes it as a pale precursor to the feeling of killing as a vampire), and that Claudia hasn't ever had sex (one of the things she's super pissed off about as part of being stuck in a 5-year-old's body for a century), Claudia does things like refer to him as "father, lover" and I'm just kind of squicking out.