(general griping and grumbling to follow about something that peeves me and has no real effect on life)


Ok, I'm not a regular audible user.  I abhor walled garden marketplaces and avoid them when I can, and then there's the whole Amazon thing.


First off, I have pretty damn good eyesight and their security captchas are a mess.  Bad enough that I gave up after failing to exactly match (in the way they wanted) the character son the screen, requesting several different alternate ones, then and tried the 'visually impaired option' (btw, that only takes you to a help page).  Then I went back to Audible.com and logged in with the EXACT SAME CREDENTIALS without any security challenge?


Secondly, if you're going to make it so I have to use your proprietary software to listen to your files at least give us the goddamn courtesy of streaming audio as an option.  Yes, part of my frustration is that I already have a handful of other ebook & audio book apps on my phone - but the one I have dedicated to an audiobook store is a store I can download MP3 files and play through any media player should I want... which is exactly what I do on a desktop.  Literally the thing that has stopped me using audible to even listen to the FREE audiobooks I've acquired through them is I get disgusted at the Audible Manager step.  It's literally not worth it to me to install the software, especially when I'm thinking about listening to a book that is under 3hrs long on a desktop.



EDIT - I found the streaming option... not with any of the Listen options.  So change my gripe to shit page design.