Did two swaps, one because while I liked my pick for "Key to my Heart" - The Player by Kresley Cole uses that phrase all over the place and happens to be a BDSM romance.  Then pushed down Love is Murder to Wedding Bells, because why not go for two bingoes.


Turns out I'm close to a third bingo, guess I'll have to find a pirate book quick!



1. Insta-love - The Protector / Jodi Ellen Malpas

Daughter of business mogul, high demand model, and with an unfortunte ex, the public likes to think of Camille Logan as a bratty daddy's girl.  Jake Sharp keeps his demons at bay with sex, drink, and work.  Watching over a self-entitled young woman who doesn't even want him there is not a job he wants to take, but he needs the focus of an assignment.  Of course, sparks fly between them and the threat against Camille isn't exactly what it seems, and neither is Jake's background.


Not a bad book, though I found it a bit overwritten at points.  Would also qualify for Love is Murder, Wedding Bells, Second Chances, and Key to my Heart.




3. "Headless" Woman


4. Love is Murder 


5. New Adult - Bad Boy / Elliot Wake

Not romance genre, but it's New Adult, so there's abundant sexual tension and some level of 'romance'... and all the cliches.  I wanted to like this book so badly, everything about the summary makes it sound like exactly a book I'd like.  I thought maybe I'd found a New Adult book I could stand reading.  But, see my first sentence.  All the cliches.  Ugh.  The one thing this book did amazingly at is handling gender concepts and subversion.    If you love New Adult but have just been dying for some proper genderfuck, you'll honestly probably love the book.  I'm not a fan of New Adult, and the genderfuck of this book almost was enough for me to ignore the rest.


This is actually something of a companion novel to the previously published Black Iris and Cam Girl, so if you've read those books (published as written by Leah Raeder, I assume at a future time that they'll be credited to Elliot Wake).  If you liked those, this is a definite read.


6. Young Adult - Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit / Jaye Robin Brown

I really liked this one, and I generally have a really low threshold for religion (especially fundamentalist Christianity) in my pleasure reading.  I do think it's a really good book for lesbian youth who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality with their faith, but I struggle a bit with quite how liberal the evangelist dad is.


7. Regency Romance - Scandal / Amanda Quick

Well, I knew this book was going to be trashy and ridiculous... and it was.  Leaving it as Regency only because someone else informed me that it qualifies and otherwise I generally don't pay enough attention to tell.  Otherwise would go under "TSTL."


8. Eyeshadow and Heaving Bosom


9. Virgin - Best First Time - Making Love / Aiden Wayne

Yeah, that's right, a story about a succubus and a cupid finding true love together is what I've slotted in for Virgin - Best First Time.  Cute little short read, nothing special or all that substantive, but cute.


10. Gothic Romance


11. Blown Away


12. Man in a Kilt - The Highlander / Kerrigan Byrne

Everything in this book is incredibly overstated and dramatic, provoking much eye-rolling and laughter at the text on my part.  I haven't read many traditional bodice-rippers, but I feel like this embraces much of the hyperbole and drama of one.  Best thing about this book is that the atrocities of the first two chapters are largely contained to those two chapters, otherwise I would have likely not bothered to finish this one.  This could also potentially fulfill Love is Murder (it comes up), Eyeshadow and Heaving Bosom (at least the Heaving Bosom part), Blown Away (cover art), Rogue (main interest is known as the Demon Highlander, that counts in my book), Wedding Bells (for the ending), and Second Chances (for both of the main characters).


13. LOVE - Hard Rhythm / Cecilia Tan

Going a bit tongue-in-cheek here, but I feel like "Key to my Heart" is appropriate for a BDSM erotic romance.  See the link for my full review, pretty hot series, but this is definitely my least favorite addition.  All my favorite parts had nothing to do with the relationship or sexy times... and it's an erotic romance novel, so...


14. Rogue


15. Historical Romance - The Scottish Duke / Karen Ranney

Lorna Gordon has worked as a maid in Blackhall Castle since being forced to seek work after the death of her father.  When she sneaks into a costume ball, Lorna never expects her entire life to be turned upside down by a lustful encounter and it's aftermath.  What neither of them expect is the circumstances of their reunion, and the bond that will grow between them.  I had fun with this one, and I really appreciate the historical notes in the back pointing out "hey, these things we mentioned, this is what we're talking about." Additionally, some of the villain details did not turn out as I expected, and the role was not filled by the equivalent of a flashing neon sign with a name and a few character traits.  Would also satisfy Blown Away, Man in a Kilt, Wedding Bells, Second Chances, and Key to my Heart.


16. Secret Billionaire


17. Twins - The Chief (Highland Guard) / Monica McCarty

Not only that, but a surprise reveal twin.  Our heroine discovers the (before now unknown) identical twin brother of her husband in the embrace of another woman! DUN-DUN-DUN!  Actually, it's pretty quickly resolved without the usual drawn-out series of misunderstandings, so that's good.


This book... is kind of ridiculous.  But it was fun to read and by and large is a romantic fantasy based generally on real people.  I do really wonder what the deal is with having a foot or more difference in height between the men and women.  I've been in several relationships with men a foot taller than me, and it can be all sorts of awkward.


Also a contender for Man in a Kilt and Second Chances.


18. Fairy Tale Retelling


19. Wedding Bells - Duke of Sin / Elizabeth Hoyt

Valentine Napier, Duke of Montgomery, is known for his ruthlessness, his vices, and his lack of morals.  His housekeeper Bridget Crumb, a bastard by birth, has entered his service as a favor to her aristocrat mother, one of the Duke's many extortion targets.  Things soon devolve into a game of cat-and-mouse that intrigues the Duke.  I was surprised by how much I liked this one, and relatively good handling of a love interest who is the villain almost everyone else's story.  I originally put this for Love is Murder since he very definitely kills people, some of them even in defense of the woman he loves, but then went for double bingo and shoved it into Wedding Bells.  Could also fit in for Rogue, Historical Romance, and Second Chances.


20. Second Chances


21. Key to my Heart - The Player (Game Maker #3) / Kresley ColeUgh, I totally loved the first book in this series, and rather enjoyed the second, but this third book?  Didn't buy it at all.  Some things were done well, but the characterizations were too shallow and too dependent on specific personal issues/trauma.  Even if it all works out because lust and grifter logic, seriously stalkerish and problematic for me.  But BDSM and the phrase "key to my heart" used all over the place?  Had to go here.


22. Pirates Argh


23. Guy/Girl Next Door


24. Interracial Couple - Small Favors / Colleen Coover

Annie's all about some self-love... so much so that a personification of her conscious steps up and assigns her a keeper in the form of the adorable and just as horny Nibbil.  Abundant sexy adventures ensue.  The graphic novel beautifully inked, and near the end we get a story in absolutely gorgeous watercolor.


Wasn't going out of my way to find this one because picking a book simply because it has an interracial couple bothers me, something about discomfort and awareness of fetishization of racial differences.  But I picked this up and hey, it happened to have various interracial couplings.  Would also satisfy Eyeshadow and Heaving Bosom (costume party story arc), Key to my Heart, and Girl Next Door.


25. Urban Fantasy Romance - Silence Fallen / Patrica Briggs

Most recent addition to the Mercy Thompson series and possibly my favorite so far.  Cheating a little to slot it in here, the romance in this series has always been light, but relationships are a very important part of the series.