The Deep End - Kristen Ashley

because right now i think she has very little clue what she's writing about.  sometimes i can blame certain things on character opinions, but everyone in the book seems to think there's basically one true way to have a D/S relationship and that's it.  LOL.


Her author bio also to me indicates she doesn't really know what she's writing about.  Probably did some light research and called it good.

"I’m excited to announce a new series I’ve launched with St. Martin’s Press. The Honey series will be a trilogy of books following characters belonging to an erotic club called The Bee’s Honey. This series is a departure for me, an exciting new journey into a delicious world of erotica, BDSM with alpha-subs and their Dommes. But don’t mistake it doesn’t have the usual KA elements you’ve come to know and hopefully love. I fell hard writing these books. I hope when you discover them, you fall just as hard as I did."


So what's annoying me here is Amelie is supposed to be the queen bee dom of this sex club, but i've read nothing to really understand why.  


Scene one was... maybe 15 minutes including disrobing and putting on gear (the scene included him putting on some gear for her, her anchoring him by that gear, and hitting him 15 times with a paddle).  The scenes have gotten mildly more creative than that... but not much.  And there's a HUGE emphasis on orgasm in the scenes (hers or other scenes that she witnesses), and well... not all BDSM scenes are about getting off...


She also really seems to believe that there's only way a D/S relationship should go, and that the reason she likes "alpha male subs" is they push back... and has been "disappointed" at how quickly some previous play partners 'broke' from being pushy subs to being deeply submissive.  WTF woman.  Seriously, what the ever-loving fuck?  There are so many shades to relationship dynamics that I can't even begin to start listing all the options.  So she likes big, fit, butch men who submit but also push back.  That's fine.  But maybe she should realize that there are plenty of male subs who aren't all three of those that push back just as hard if not harder... and might actually be comfortable with their desires.


Olivier's ignorance of bdsm is staggering, I think he left his profile as 'open to anything' because he didn't know enough to mark things as off limits... because the idea that any of that would be done to him never occurred to him.  That isn't unnecessarily unrealistic, but the book also says that before coming to the club he spent time trying to get a surface education...


As I said, I'm pretty sure the author has no idea what she's writing about.


I mean, the book is kinkier than 50 Shades... but that doesn't take much.



her FAQ also seems to tie into perhaps why the text seems so drastically in need of an editor:

How do you write? Do you outline, write notes, know how the story will end and work to that?

I make notes only to be certain I close loops during a story. I do not outline or write notes about where the story is intended to go. I only know there will be a happily ever after. I don’t know how I’ll get there; I just know it’ll happen. I simply follow the journey of my characters. It’s much like they’re living their story in my head, I’m a fly on the wall or part of the character’s subconscious and I type out their thoughts, descriptions of places and actions and the dialogue I hear.


This is why dialogue in my books is often colloquial and full of curse words and slang not to mention the narrative of the book is rather free-flowing and usually first person. It’s also why there’s a great deal of description in most of the books as I’m sharing what I’m seeing. All my books played like movies in my head and I type as fast as I can to give you want’s happening up there in its entirety.