Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows - James Lovegrove

So... this book.


I'm not sure if my ambivalence towards Sherlock Holmes made this book better or worse than it would be otherwise.  There are some Holmes stories I greatly enjoy, others I don't care for.  In this story I found Holmes a bit annoying.


But what really bothered me was how early on the explicit statement that C'thulhu exists came up.  Part of the creeping horror of Lovecraftian horror is the uncovering of horrors.  to have them by and large so casually revealed is a bit of a let down.  Not even halfway through the book and that which man is not meant to know is already being called baldly by its name.


But it moves along at a brisk pace, and has some interesting elements, as well as a neat way of weaving itself into the body of work about Holmes.