In Too Deep - Portia Da Costa

Look, I wasn't expecting stellar writing, I was expecting something fun, sexy, and probably a little trashy.  


There's a lot of sexy times in this story, and my reactions ranged from boredom, to eye rolling, to rereading a section b/c I was having so much trouble focusing that when I saw something like he did something "again" I couldn't recall him doing it in the first place, to just a general feeling of "please, no."  There were occasional snorts of amusement at things that weren't supposed to be funny.  The book starts out making fun of purple prose... and then is just filled with it.


I want to be grumpy about how the worst thing they can imagine is him going blind because of [plot twist] - but it's two non-disabled characters voicing pretty common terror about gaining an impairment, so that's just depressingly realistic.


never want to see someone refer to their genitals as "congested" as an indication of arousal.


I'm really not going to get in to dissecting the plot, or the lack of shits the main character apparently gives about keeping her job, or all the awkwardness of the book.  I'll say it's not worse than 50 Shades of Grey, but that's because there's less pretension to the plot and a lack of emotional abuse.