Some issues are easier for us to handle than others.


When possible, "edit" a record before "reporting" a record.


If you go through the EDIT option on a book we can look at the details and approve or reject easily.  If you have the information, this works amazing for missing/incorrect author/narrator/contributor/illustrator, publisher, date of publication, date of publication, cover, description, etc.  To be honest, when I'm in the Librarian's Panel, I look for all the EDIT items first because they are the clearest and easiest to handle.


A note on the EDIT option.  Do not use this for a new edition.  A new edition or format does not mean that the ISBN and/or cover on a record is incorrect.  It just may be incorrect for the copy in hand and may therefore require a new edition.  Before adding a new edition, It's worth running a quick BookLikes search by ISBN, and if nothing comes up, feel free to add a new edition to the existing record.


Book reports - these are great for addressing trickier issues and anything that may require an explanation.  Like duplicate records, unlinked editions, not a book, etc.  If you're reporting a duplicate record or unlinked edition (generally using the "duplicate option" even if that frustrates the pendant in me) please include some direct manner of identifying the other record, be it by ID #, ISBN, or a link - that way we're handling the same records you came across and not missing one by mistake.  The report link we see includes "See Book" and "Edit Book" options, so we'll access the record reporting easily, the others can be a bit tricky depending on alternate edition titles.