Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James
If you are expecting the Great American Kinky Novel, don't bother reading this book. I've encountered kinkier stuff at a Ren Faires, not to mention Goth clubs.In terms of writing quality over all 50 Shades of Grey about matches that of most romance novels, and is certainly better written than Twilight. Like any romance novel reading it requires a certain amount of suspended disbelief.The sex talk on the other hand made me cringe, like throwing a sodden blanket on any sort of mood going on in the text.I take issue with how the author handled kink in the book - especially as this book is now sparking couples to experiment (which is fantastic for its own reasons). There are aspects that it seems the author isn't fully familiar with (dominant, sadist, masochism, submissive, - none of which have to be mutually exclusive or paired in any particular way), and for the main character to have been in the scene for almost 15 years and have no concept of aftercare is quite atrocious. Christan Grey honestly reminded me of the condescending assholes who I'd meet at clubs and announce that they were "Dominants" or "Masters" and expect all the women around them to immediately want to sleep with them but drove all of the people who were actually kinky away in disgust . I understand that the book is in many ways a fantasy (and based on Twilight fanfic, which is why I use it for comparison), and which it is not going to touch on every aspect of kink, so there are whole areas of kink that are not even touched on in it. However as a book that is an inspiration to others I say if you want to experiment with what is mentioned in the book do your own research outside it first and please communicate far better than Ana and Christan do.