Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh
Read the first book in the series with the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club, decided to read another in the series for the hell of it. I haven't read books 2-5, but hot damn is this book WAY sexier than the first. Starts right off the bat in chapter one with what is later described in the book as "hot monkey sex" - and that pretty much continues throughout the book framed by bits of plot here and there.This book takes place in a paranormal, future urban-fiction setting. Our world is populated not only by humans but by numerous races of Changlings (were-animals, not fairy switched children), but also by the Psy (human race with varying mental abilities). Starting in book one there has been an ongoing conflict between the races, and in many ways this series is about a search for balance. And hot monkey sex (lots of hot monkey sex). The search for balance is also extended to the main protagonists, who happen to both be extremely dominant members of allied Leopard and Wolf packs. In between the mating dance, ripping off of clothing, and sex with boots left on, the world is nearly brought to war by an attempted strike on the network that Psy need to survive, the breaking of which would unleash hell and end the world as we know it today.Kudos to the author for writing a story where a dominant female does not have to bend everything to meet her mate, and who holds her own, and forms a relationship that balances their own dominances.