Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James
I have a strong desire to non-consensually slap both Christan and Ana. As Christian is based on Edward we know he's a stalker on a power-trip before going into this series, though to be honest both Ana and Christian seem to be more complete characters than their source material. However unlike his source material he doesn't have the whole "predator species" excuse (though Ana is at least more defiant than her source, so he comes off as more of a creeper. Ana's fixation on "Mrs. Robinson" as a child molester got old on me in the first book, and was just brought to a browbeating level in this one, with "Mrs. Robinson" basically turning into another "I love Christian therefore we belong together" clone which was rather disappointing to me.The usual romance/erotica tropes were present, most notably everyone is always perfectly ready for sex and always magically comes at exactly the right time. Besides that they mostly just fucked like bunnies without out quite enough detail to push it into erotica, and leaving the seeming more like a series of hot and heavy quickie with a little bit of plot. That being said there was some decent hotness to some of the scenes, though still obvious the author isn't all that informed about BDSM/kink and all its variations. Pet peeve of mine about the books - that being defiant is mutually exclusive from being a submissive. If you're going to write about it with a character who is an "expert" do some research, its not that hard to figure that one out. Casual conversation with people at "alternative" (goth/industrial/fetish/etc) clubs can be pretty enlightening.The last chapter was pitiful and stretched way of introducing an arch-nemesis. I am not amused no convinced.