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Ok, so I'll admit even though I'm a few chapters into the book I don't know the race of our main character, Kate.  It hasn't come up.  So I don't care what her race is, but it is so rare to have a hero/ine on a book cover be even close to swarthy even when the lead protagonist is explicitly described as having very dark skin that my guess is perhaps the first cover is the more appropriately covered of the three above.  Perhaps a few more chapters in I'll be given a reason to eat my words, but this is bothering me.



So the audio book cover of the same book has this horribly done CGI rendition of the woman on the cover who's just glowingly pale. 




The Special Edition also has a rather anglo-saxony appearing woman but at least it's a better executed and actually a person rather than a poorly substituted CGI woman.



I guess since I'm critiquing the covers, come on guys, she has a SABER.  The sword in the original cover art not only is not a saber, but it would not be "mostly covered by her jacket" when worn on her back.