The Professional: Part 3 - Kresley Cole

This was the final part of The Professional, and it mostly stands on its own.  It would be best read as part of the compete story, but gives sufficient hints to the previous parts.  I unfortunately have not read Part 2 due to not being approved for it until after its archive date.


Part 3 is sizzling, but it has some consent issues.  Fortunately a big part of the story is the two of them actually working out their issues, and him finally realizing he can't fuck all the problems away.  Still I'm not comfortable with someone taking signs of arousal as yes when you've just dragged her home from the airport where she was yelling at him to leave her the fuck alone.


Definitely kinkier than Part 1, and more what I was expecting from when I started with Part 1.  Both parties actively like the naughty things they are doing and there is a genuine enjoyment and celebration of sex by the women, which is refreshing.