Sapphire Blue - G. Doucette

mmmm... farm-raised lion meat.  yup, that's what they have for dinner.  I don't know, I feel farm raised lion might be too common for his lordly moneypants.  Why not farm-raised baby seal?


Also there's this whole lack of agency thing going on with her when she's "under the effects" of the magical sapphire that he's studying, and he's really taking advantage of it.  At this point he already knows that something about the sapphire, even if it's not immediately in her presence, makes her wetter than a bottle of lube, a touch away from orgasm, and absolutely utterly shameless for the time.


On the other hand, kudos to the author for using the word "vaginal" which I rarely see in smutty books.  But in if you're going for using real terms, wouldn't you use "labia" instead of "vaginal lips"?