Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore: A Novel - Walter Mosley

well written prose, but the story doesn't convince me or capture my attention.


i think the author could have done more research into the lives of porn stars, those that have managed to stay porn stars for 15 years and those who have not.  31 is treated as very old for a woman in porn, particularly one who has been performing since she was 15 or 16, and Debbie Dare doesn't convince me as someone who has built her empire enough to have the staying power as a porn star of note to survive the system as long as she has.  a dark skinned woman with platinum blond hair and blue eyes does stand out, however i don't buy that it's enough to trademark herself as a porn icon.


there also is a strong feeling of evocation of known features in the porn industry, the title "Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore" brings to mind Debbie Does Dallas, the director Linda Love brings to mind Linda Lovelace (which is rather... ironic considering Linda Lovelace's real story).  to me that evocation wrenches the story, provides its own set of expectations.