The Shadow Master - Craig Cormick

This book is a love story, but doesn't have the sort of courtship and lustful longing (and passions) that you generally find in a romance novel.


I think this book has 2 or 3 sex scenes.  I think because the first one could just be very evocative petting and another one is a couple going from a rather hostile fight to rolling around on the floor for some very angry sex as it fades to black.  This leaves one scene that is very definitely a sex scene.  And oh my god the imagery.


I suppose it should have been a warning when a corpse is found with his severed penis in his mouth early on in the book and they refer to it as his "ivory tower."


There's this whole butterfly/"making the majestic moth" metaphor for sex.  I'm not kidding, sex is "making the majestic moth."  Then to add on to the "ivory tower" we have "her cave of wonders" and her "mountains of the goddess."


I'm really glad there was only one 'full' sex scene, and that it was largely all the distractions going on in his mind.


I don't know, "Ivory Tower" just doesn't really do it for me.