Breaking Free - Page,  Winter

Now, I know that there are still bigots in New England, it happens.  However, for regions to live in and deal with being gay, this is generally a decent place to be.  If you're in CT you're basically boxed in by NYC, Northampton, and Provincetown.  This town in CT that the book takes place in (I cannot find a real town in CT that matches the name) is SERIOUSLY bigoted when it comes to sexuality.  As in a book set in modern day CT basically the whole town revolts against a girl being outed as a lesbian.


In many ways I really like how this book is handling the subject matter, but I think perhaps some setting mistakes were made.  We're talking about a community where high schoolers have parties (with of course, underage drinking) with several hundred kids showing up.  That is a LOT of kids, which means we're talking about a community of decent size - yet apparently no one in the high school has ever come out or are there any youth outreach programs in the community or even a GSA at the high school.


I'm torn because as I said, I like how the book is handling some of the gender and sexuality issues, I just am having trouble with the setting.  Maybe it's (literally) too close to home.