In Bed with a Rogue - Samantha Grace

This was actually a rather sweet historical romance.  I'm not quite sure why the teaser paints Baron Thorne as scoundrel pressing his advantage with a lady in a difficult situation.  While Lady Prestwick is in a tight spot, he actually provides her with the resources she needs to achieve her goals.  The good Baron does have a reputation as a ladies' man, particularly among widows, but part of that reputation is one for discretion.  Thorne's biggest issue however is a legacy of public embarrassment connected to his family that is rather inconvenient when one just wants to let the past be past and move on.

Lady Prestwick is seeking her sisters, following the only clue that she has to the brothels of London.  Not a very respectable place for a lady to visit, but Lady Prestwick was not always gentry, and this is her family she is seeking.  Her marriage to the now-deceased Lord Prestwick left her valuing her freedom and leery of entanglements with men.

Circumstance, need, and desire bring the two together.  While overly self-assured and ardently courting the Lady, Thorne is incredibly solicitous of her well-being and needs.  Not only that, but his asking price for his assistance is that Lady Prestwick aid in reintroducing his wrongly maligned sister to society.  Throughout the book others around him rank higher in his consideration than himself.  More than that, I'd say that throughout the book genuine friendships arise not only between Baron Thorne and Lady Prestwick, but among those they associate with.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.