So, one perk of not working in a public library this summer is that I can take part in the Summer Reading program at the public library I borrow books from.  I'm a few weeks late, as Summer Reading generally starts in June and ends mid-August around here, lets go with it.  My local library's program has a reading challenge for adults, with 10 categories to fit books into, and a raffle prize for each.  10 books in a month should be doable.

The Challenge:

  1. Book into a movie
  2. Biography or Memoir
  3. Mystery/Horror
  4. Love story
  5. Outside the US
  6. Adventure Story
  7. Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  8. Classic
  9. Local Author
  10. Reader's Choice


I'd have the list half done or more if I included the books I read since the start of Summer Reading, but I want to keep it to books finished since I signed up.  In some cases the hardest part will be deciding which category to shove a given book into.