Swan Prince (Entangled Edge) - Erin Lark

Oliver is bound by duty, to his family and his flock.  Duty to lead and duty to produce a heir, neither is he eager to fulfill.  Trying to escape briefly from the weight of responsibility, Oliver slips away from his guards and flies on his own, right into the sights of a hunter.  The injury that would fell a swan is survivable to a man, and Oliver takes shelter in a nearby barn to rest and take shelter from the oncoming blizzard.

Bastion's horses are his life, living out on a distant farm with little companionship and a recently unreliable hired hand.  Finding a naked injured man in an empty stall during chores is not what he expected.  With no clothes, no ID, and no voice, Oliver is taken in by Bastion, who provides sanctuary while Oliver heals.

The attraction between them is undeniable, but Oliver knows he can't stay, and Bastion can't bear a no-strings attached affair.  Something has got to give, but what?  And can Oliver share his shifter life with a human?

Swan Prince overflows with the consuming lusts and longings of Oliver and Bastion, but manages to retain an element of tenderness throughout.  While their relationship has an aspect of supernatural bonds, it is still a relationship that grows as the two men discover each other.  The sex focuses not just on the acts themselves, but on the experience as well.  Categorized as "romance" the book dips into "erotica" as well.

While this is a paranormal romance, there is no villain or big, bad, supernatural threat.  Rather the difficulties of life, responsibilities of one's position, and the inconsiderate natures of others are the hurdles Oliver and Bastion must pass.

With a name like Swan Prince, I was expecting something more akin to Swan Lake or one of the Wild Swans fairytale variations.  What we get instead is something different altogether.  The story is light on details of swan shifter society, focusing on what ties Oliver to his flock and how that affects his growing relationship with Bastion.


Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.

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