A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel - Vonnie Davis

This is a love story of a Scottish bear and a witch.


Sadly, not this type of bear
Also, Bear Scot Fest is a real thing.  This is amazing.


Not exactly this type either, but closer to the mark


The heart of the story is of two childhood friends (Bryce and Kenzie) coming together as soul mates, while they learn to put harsh elements of their past behind them and move forward into a new life.  Throw in an evil (as in signed his soul to the devil for unlimited power) father who needs his offspring's blood (all of it) for a ritual, lots of kilt-wearing dominant men (who happen to turn into bears), a sweet yet spoiled rotten child, and the randiest bunch of adults you'll find outside an orgy, and that about sums up the book.

Personally, this book is not for me.  I found the writing style undeveloped, and I'm still not sure how I feel about the writing of (non-thought and non-spoken) expository text in an accent.  By and large none of the characters really stood out as individuals to me.  Maybe this is because the focus of the story is a witch, but I expected the whole "bear-shifter" thing to maybe be something that mattered in the plot.  Instead what time Bryce spent as a bear really had no impact on anything, except to briefly show that Kenzie loves him in any form.  I also honestly found Bryce's "sweet" child to be a spoiled bossy thing, though when you have a pack of werebears for uncles who give you whatever you want, I guess that's a bit of a forgone result.  Maybe it was just the author going to town with the concept of "kids say the darnedest things" that annoyed me?

This may be a good read for fans of Katie McAllister's books.  I'd recommend this to readers who like contemporary highland romance and paranormal romance with a lot of action but not a lot of depth.

In the meantime, I give you singing & dancing Bears (sorry about the lack of kilts).


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