How the Duke Was Won - Lenora Bell

If I read a historical romance, I'm not doing it for "literature."  I'm going for a fun, fast, and hopefully sassy read.


And this book delivers.


It plays within the overly restrictive bounds of 'polite' society, and the lusty individuals who'd really much rather not be bothered but are bound to them none-the-less.  There's the expected marriage hunt with a twist, the avowing to avoid emotional entanglements, denying of of passion, and the inevitable failing at remaining respectable.


It made me laugh, and for the right reasons.  ("Please, God, no more nipples." might be one of my favorite moments in the book).  The entanglements are creative.  There are actual friendships formed between the prospective brides (though one is an absolute horror).  There's creativity in the situations, and the writing is enjoyable.


Is it anachronistic?  Incredibly.  Do I care?  NOPE!


Hands down, a delightful, fun read.