Dark Orbit - Carolyn Ives Gilman

Neat story, with a lot of interesting thoughts included.


Overall a decent handling of blindness, though it does include the idea that blind people like to touch your face in greeting (something that most seem pretty disinclined to do so, and rather annoyed at it as continuing concept)... and it struck me as odd that someone seeing for the first time would have trouble with the concept of depth and dimensional (though I will accept trouble with visual interpretations of it).  Of interest is the fact that the small population that is encountered they are 'blind' due to living their lives completely without light source and therefore their brains never learn to see rather than being blind due to their eyes.  None of them have 'super hearing' - though they have better trained hearing, and I appreciate the distinction.  Their community and living environment has elements of assistive design.



It does posit that some mental illness might be manifestation of extremely rare and otherwise dismissed as imagined skill... but some of that is part of a much larger discussion relating to perception, comprehension, and how we let one shape the other.


More formal review with discussion questions to follow.