So, I have lists, but my reading is heavily skewed to SF/F... plus, I've been focusing on recording positive examples...


I'd love at least one example of an adult, non-SF/F, novel with positive disability representation. See above and my list being mostly SF/F.  I have a small handful of non-SF/F novels that count, but looking for others, especially since one or two of them I need to actually research to make sure they aren't problematic (ie. I don't know enough about the condition specified).


And here's the easier one - I need at least one or two examples of problematic disability representation in adult fiction/media, preferably published within the past 5 years.  I'm already talking about Me Before You and Split (movie).  Don't ask me why I can't remember all the countless bad examples, but now that I need them, especially since I haven't focused on recording them, I'm utterly blanking.


Bonus questions:  Trope examples!

I want egregious examples of:

  • Inspiration Porn - related to discussion of Me Before You
  • "dangerous mentally ill" (preferably with some sort of Multiple Personality) - this is tying into the discussion of Split, I'll also be talking about Hide & Seek (Robert DiNiro and Dakota Fanning) and Fight Club (as much as I love the book and movie).  I want more specific examples to back up the "it's always presented as this amazing plot twist.. but it's incredibly cliche"